Orchid Videos

Orchid Videos

Orchid videos are available as an excellent resource to help you care for your orchids and make them as happy and healthy as possible. You can watch these videos anywhere, just click the video to get started.

Growing Orchids in a Small Space

This video looks at creative ways to grow orchids when you are limited with space. We use walls, different types of recycled furniture and and a portable mister to help orchids grow and thrive, even in Las Vegas. Check it out below!

How to use the GLVOS Website

A quick video showing you how to use the menu’s and the GLVOS website.

Phalaenopsis After Care and Repotting

A video showing how to repot and care for phalaenopsis

How to Repot a Cattleya Orchid

A video showing how to repot a cattleya orchid.

How to induce blooming on Phalaenopsis Orchids

A video with tips and tricks for how to get your phalaenopsis to bloom

Orchid Care, Potting Mixes for Phalenopsis, Cattlea, Dendrobiums Cimbidiums and More

A video talking about great potting mixes for many different types of orchids